Demolition of the Series 30 Dormitories Buildings NS31 through NS 38

Charleston, SC

Description of Scope and Responsibility:

IPW was the prime contractor responsible for all portions of this contract, completing the demolition of eight 90,000 SF, three-story 50 year old brick buildings. (Total of 720,000 SF of demolition) Provision of all management, quality control, labor, materials and equipment for complete demolition of the Series 30 Dormitory Buildings. Demolition includes the removal of the foundation, pile caps and pilings. Total removal of over 2,000 pilings, 75 feet in depth each. Asbestos removal required. Onsite crushing of concrete structures. Removal of all steam lines, electrical and telephone, sewer lines, manholes and domestic water lines. Site leveling and finishing for construction of new dormitories.