Resolve Parking Lot Settlement Issues

Charleston, SC

Description of Scope and Responsibility:

IPW was prime contractor for the paving of six acres of new parking lot and responsible for the full construction and completion of this project. Work included site preparation, including demolition and removal of existing structures, excavation for new asphalt paved parking areas, tree protection and relocation, clearing and grading. Other work included was jet-vac cleaning of existing storm water drainage system, milling, leveling, adjustments to inlet drainage and utility box elevations, full surveying provisions for new and existing areas. New landscaping was installed, with permanent vegetation and erosion control. Asphalt paving, stripping, concrete raised curbing, speed reducers, sidewalks, signage, and temporary and permanent fencing. All work performed over nights and weekends, as building was active and occupied. Project was performed in compliance with contract terms and conditions. Performance was deemed acceptable and the Owner was satisfied with the project.